Assisted Living Facility Gives 99-Year-Old Patient the Boot Because She's Poor and on Medicaid

An assisted living facility in Washington is reportedly evicting a 99-year-old patient whose life savings have been depleted and who now depends on Medicaid.  The 99-year-old woman has been a patient at the facility for 10 years.  The facility claims it can make more money on her bed by accepting a "private pay" patient (i.e. one who pays from private resources, not Medicare or Medicaid). 

Assisted living facilities have a right to make money and earn a profit, but I'll bet the patient never got what she paid for during the 10 years she was at the assisted living facility.  Why do I say that?  Because a facility that gives a 99-year-old destitute woman the boot for the difference between higher private pay rates and the amount of her Medicaid benefits is the same kind of facility that probably never spent what it should on staffing, food, and patient supplies.  

An evening news/talk TV program that I like to watch has a nightly segment called "Worst Person in the World."  I think we've found a winner!  If you want to read more about what might be the Worst Assisted Living Facility in the World, look no further than here.
Robert W. Carter, Jr. is a Virginia attorney whose law practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of the victims of nursing home and assisted living neglect and abuse in Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk, Lynchburg, Danville, Charlottesville, and across Virginia