Bedridden Man at Hospital Develops Unstageable Pressure Ulcer, Family Unaware for Months

One family recently discovered an unstageable pressure ulcer, or bed sore, on their bedridden father’s backside after his admittance to a hospital following. The family had been taking turns visiting their father at this hospital for months without knowledge of the hidden pressure ulcer that had been forming. As a result, their father had developed sepsis, which spread into his bones and blood. Sepsis is an infection that can be very fatal.   

The family was not aware of the pressure ulcer until their father was transferred to a second hospital for a cranial surgery. “He was septic when he arrived at [the second hospital]. They didn’t think he would make it through the night,” the daughter mentioned in an interview. The first hospital did not discuss the matter for privacy reasons, but ensured the family would receive a full investigation for this serious inconvenience. For more, read the story.