CMS Adds Nursing Home Quality Measures

The CMS has released additional quality measures related to reimbursement rates for nursing home patients. If they do not report on them or report poor outcomes of the measures, they can suffer a reduced reimbursement rate from Medicare. Nursing homes must now report on the following quality measures in order to receive full reimbursement from Medicare:

  • Percentage of SNF patients who develop new or worsened pressure ulcers
  • Percentage of patients whose activities of daily living and thinking skills were assessed and related goals were included in their treatment plan
  • Percentage of patients who experience one or more falls with major injury during their SNF stay
  • Medicare spending per beneficiary for patients in SNFs
  • Rate of successful return to home or community from a SNF.

CMS is still considering other quality measures to add. However, the above list is official at this point. For more, read the story