Dementia Patient Falls At Nursing Home 6 Times, Final Fall Causes Brain Hemorrhage; Nursing Home Settles

An 85-year-old female patient was, at all times relevant, a high fall risk patient.  The patient, who had a medical history that included generalized muscle weakness, dementia, and confusion, was allowed by the nursing home from 7/25/15 through 11/9/15 to fall on no less than five separate occasions.  Specifically, the patient fell on 7/25/15, 8/31/15, 9/29/15, 11/5/15, and 11/9/15. 

On 12/4/15, the nursing home again permitted the patient to fall.  The patient was taken to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with an acute intracerebral hemorrhage/hematoma and a left finger fracture resulting from the fall.  The patient’s head injury expanded at the hospital.  She was not a surgical candidate.  She was placed on comfort care, and she died on 12/9/15 as a result of fall-related head injuries.   

The family contacted us to pursue claims against the nursing home for failing to provide proper fall prevention and treatment for injuries suffered from the fall. We were able to obtain a generous settlement award for the patient’s family.