Journalist Claims Assisted Living Facilities Not an Appropriate Choice for Many Senior Citizens

A large portion of Americans struggle with balancing a career, raising a family, and numerous other personal responsibilities.  Additionally, many of these same people are taking in their elderly parent or parents once their parents hit an age where living independently is too difficult.  One article recently published touches on whether taking elderly parents into her own home was a negative or positive experience, since there are approximately 30,000 facilities in the United States that claim “assisted living” for the elderly is possible.

According to this article, the author does not regret keeping her parents out of Assisted Living Facilities in America.  “The irony of assisted living is, it’s great if you don’t need too much assistance…But if you have trouble walking or using the bathroom, or have dementia and sometimes wander off, assisted living facilities aren’t the answer, no matter how desperately we wish they were.”  For more, read this story.