Lynchburg Area Assisted Living Facility Settles After Patient Dies from Sepsis

A Lynchburg area assisted living facility's patient began over a weekend to exhibit clinical symptoms that were for him highly unusual: back pain of unknown source; staying in bed; decreased appetite; and urinary incontinence.  During this time, the assisted living facility did not contact either the patient's physician or his family in response to the patient's changing condition.  When the patient's family first became aware of the changes, they requested for him to be transferred to the hospital by ambulance.  When ambulance personnel arrived, the facility's staff stated the patient had not been himself in the several days before the ambulance was called.  Ambulance personnel also noted when they responded that the patient did not know who he was, where he was, or what time it was, was unable to stand, and required maximum assistance for transfers.  The patient was admitted to the hospital and died there of sepsis within approximately 18 hours after he was admitted. 

The patient's family claimed the assisted living facility failed to recognize and obtain prompt medical attention for the patient's changing condition.  We settled the case against the assisted living facility for six figures on terms that, at the facility's request, remain confidential.
Robert W. Carter, Jr. is a Virginia attorney whose law practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of the victims of nursing home and assisted living neglect and abuse in Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk, Lynchburg, Danville, Charlottesville, and across Virginia.