Man “Rots to Death”, Stems Lawsuit and Criminal Charges Against Nursing Home Staff

According to the family of a man who died from an infected decubitus ulcer, the nursing home staff is to blame for his preventable death. The patient was a resident of the nursing home for two years and was just 57 years old. The pending lawsuit states that the massive infection resulted in septic shock, which ultimately killed him.

In addition to the lawsuit, the state’s Attorney General indicted several facility staff with involuntary manslaughter charges. The indictment states that the nurses disregarded proper medical steps which permitted the patient's death. “This man literally rotted to death and it could have been prevented," reported the state’s Attorney General. “A lot of crimes you have anger, you have money, [or] you have potential for economic gain[.] [W]hat do you get out of neglect?” For more, read the story.