Music Selection Affects Nursing Home Patients

Music can have a positive or negative impact within nursing homes. Playing music that nursing home residents would enjoy listening to should be the most played, but unfortunately it is not. While taking care of residents, some nurses turn the radio to what they would like to hear, without thinking of the effect on a patient. This may not be the best choice for the patients. Music plays a huge part in peoples’ lives, so playing the right kind for nursing home patients is important.

One person noted that when walking into a particular nursing home she heard music from the 60’s playing and the residents looked extremely dissatisfied. When she asked why this music was being played she was told because they were supposed to play old music. It was concluded, however, that the residents that suffered from dementia appeared distressed by the song choice as they were banging their heads and crying out.  Music selection makes a difference to the residents at nursing homes. If more attention is paid to their interests, it can have a more soothing effect. For more, read the story.