Neglected Nursing Home Patient Dies, Family Files Lawsuit

The family of a nursing home patient has filed a lawsuit after finding their mother was neglected in the midst of falsified documents stating she received care when she did not. The patient was rushed to the hospital at her daughter's urging when she noticed her mother was not well. Upon arrival at the hospital, she was identified to be in septic shock, organ failure, and dehydrated. 

Her family says they put faith in the system, but will never make that mistake again. "To this day it haunts me. What she went through haunts me," the patient's son said. "I was just really outraged that a medical facility would not do their job," her daughter said.

The Complaint alleges "conscious disregard for safety, life, and health... lack of hygiene and nutrition, excess bedsores, withholding medication, falsifying medical records, failure to transfer the patient to the hospital on numerous occasions when her health and ultimately her life depended on it and failure to notify doctors and family of conditions." For more, read the story