Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements Lessen Accountability

Nursing home facilities allow patient neglect and injuries, avoidable 50 percent of the time. Patients when they arrive at the nursing home are forced to sign arbitration agreements that deny jury trials. Based on the agreement any grievances would be brought to arbitration, often required to be confidential and orchestrated by the nursing home, rather than the plaintiff. Arbitrations also offer no ability for appeal if the ruling is disagreeable or questionable to the plaintiff. 

Out of concern of proposed efficiency, nursing homes deny the right for the public to become aware of misconduct because of the confidentiality of arbitration agreements. This lessens societal accountability. Consumer groups would like to ban up-front arbitration agreements. This would provide the option to the injured patient and their loved ones to decide what type of recourse to take should malpractice arise. For more, read the story