Nursing Home Cost Increases, Pushing Families To Find Other Options

The cost of being a resident in a nursing home is extremely expensive and often is not affordable to the average American. With a median of $91,000 per year, and a monthly cost of $14,000 per month, there seems to be a growing list of options for the elderly that provide more affordable care than nursing homes. In one scenario, an elderly woman’s daughter moved her across the United States, because it was clear the elderly woman needed help as she grew older. By selling her mother's house, the daughter was told by a nursing home caring for her mother that she would have funding to maintain her mother's care as a resident for ten years.

After only two years her mother developed dementia, and the cost of her care and residency rose. The daughter could not afford the increased cost in care. The nursing home gave the elderly woman a 30-day notice that she needed to find another place to live. Her daughter did find a less expensive option, but the move was so hard on her that she died shortly after.

Another patient requiring nursing home care came to realize that a nursing home was not an option because it was too expensive for their budget. A family member opted to provide her mother with round the clock nursing aides at home to help her. She says her mother passed away after a season in the comfort of her own home in a happier environment with a garden, flowers, trees and sunlight. The cost of maintaining her happiness was much less than putting her into a nursing facility in this happier story. For more, read the story.