Nursing Home Guardian Offers Care To Elderly

A retired banker has taken on the role of visiting nursing home patients after experiencing the kindness of a stranger when his mother was in hospice. He so appreciated someone coming to visit his mother while she was sick. “This lady came over and sat there, and she’d stay for two or three hours talking to my mom,” he said. “She was a great talker and had a great personality, and my mother’s face would light up whenever she came over.” He wanted to do the same for others when his mother passed away.

He now visits those with lower incomes who are less likely to have families that visit on a regular basis. The patients have responded to his kindness just as his mother did. “He comes to visit a lot, and he legitimately cares. We have a lot of residents here who don’t have anyone (who stops by), so having someone who always comes in to visit makes them feel good. It gives them something to look forward to," said a social worker. He plans to continue these endeavors to nurture the elderly in nursing homes. For more, read the story