Nursing Home in State of Immediate Jeopardy for Failure to Investigate Claims of Abuse

Inspectors are claiming one nursing home for veterans failed on numerous occasions to efficiently and effectively investigate reports of resident abuse. Among these claims, injuries such as fractures, bleeding, and resident on resident abuse were not comprehensively investigated. In addition to untimely or non-existent abuse investigations, inspectors also believe some reports were toned down in order to make the facility look less deficient.

Inspectors were suspicious why the facility could not explain how several residents’ injuries occurred.  As a result, the facility went into a state of immediate jeopardy. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulations, "[i]mmediate jeopardy represents a situation in which entity noncompliance has placed the health and safety of recipients in its care at risk for serious injury, serious harm, serious impairment or death.”  For more, read the story.