Nursing Home Owner Settles Sexual Assault Case For $6.75 Million

A nursing home has settled a case alleging they allowed a sex offender to sexually assault a patient suffering from dementia. The case went to trial and the jury awarded the family filing the lawsuit $7.5 million. The nursing home settled the case with the family for $6.75 million rather than appealing the verdict. 

The family sued the nursing home and its owner as they claim in the lawsuit, it participated in negligence, assault, battery, and breach of fiduciary duty in caring for the woman. The sex offender who sexually assaulted the patient was sentenced to 8-20 years in prison at the age of 71. The patient who suffered the abuse has since died. 

The managing attorney of the firm prosecuting the nursing home in a statement after the trial, said, "This jury's unanimous verdict sends a strong message that the most frail among us, the elderly, need to be protected from abuse and neglect." For more, read the story