Nursing Home Patient Suffers Pressure Ulcer Deep Into Her Spine

The legal guardian and family member of a loved one is reaching out to lawmakers to advocate for hidden cameras in nursing homes after watching his cousin suffer from a pressure ulcer that went deep into her spine. The patient suffered from diabetes and was allowed to develop a wound that ultimately became deep and infected. “The wound is probably 1 1/2 inch in diameter and 3 inches deep -- and at the base of the wound I can see her spine. I can see white bone, her spine,” said the patient's guardian. 

The facility would not comment except to say they were a 5-star facility quality measure rating. However, the state department of health recorded several violations of patient care cited against the facility. “The facility failed to initiate and consistently follow physician ordered treatments to prevent the development of avoidable pressure ulcers and/or promote the healing of three of five residents, which resulted in Immediate Jeopardy for two of five residents.” For more, read the story