Nursing Home Rating System Receives Yet Another Review

The latest five-star rating system which was recently amended will be reviewed by a government accountability office in order to verify that it is an accurate rating system for quality of care provided in nursing homes.  The rating system has been under scrutiny because there are accusations that nursing homes can falsify or inflate staffing information to make it appear at a higher level, ultimately providing a higher rating for the home. Government representatives are also supportive of the review and accountability being attributed to the rating system. 

“The quality of our nursing homes is critical to our nation’s seniors and their families,” said a house representative. “That is why I sent a letter last year to CMS expressing serious concerns that some nursing home facilities were gaming the current ‘five-star’ rating system to mislead consumers about the quality of care they provide. I commend GAO (Government Accountability Office) for agreeing to review this system to ensure that it provides accurate and reliable information while encouraging all nursing homes to achieve a higher quality of care for our nation’s seniors.” For more, read the story