Nursing Home Reimbursements Push Maximum Therapy Levels On Patients

Ultrahigh therapy is providing top dollar reimbursements, driving nursing home facilities to offer these extreme levels of therapy to their patients at a maximum of 720 minutes per day. Although experts argue that therapy in itself is a positive treatment for patients struggling with speech skills, gait balance, dressing and bathing, there could be a law of diminishing returns when it comes to offering too much therapy. However, these issues are less addressed when the reimbursement for ultrahigh therapy reaches $560 per day. 

One family believes the ultrahigh level of therapy their loved one received led to his death after a short stay in a nursing home that ended him in the hospital with dehydration and disorientation. He was not able to withstand the high levels of therapy at the age of 97. His family was not aware of the amount of therapy he had been doing until they requested his records. His daughter said, “I can’t even imagine my dad participating in this kind of therapy for these lengths of time."

Unfortunately, these levels of therapy are provided with the incentive for high reimbursement rates. This creates pressure for therapists to increase care provided in the form of therapy, pressing the maximum amount of time spent on therapy for each patient that is admitted into the nursing home.  As long as reimbursements are provided at such high rates for ultrahigh therapy, the trend of overworking patients will likely continue. For more, read the story