Nursing Home Therapy Hours Offered At Ultra High Rates To End Of Life Stage Patients

Findings from a recent study show that healthcare facilities are reimbursing therapy hours for patients at higher rates than necessary in the last 30 days of those patients' lives. The study reviewed therapy hours offered to patients and the level of that therapy. Levels offered were considered high to ultra high for those patients in end of life stages. 

The question is now whether or not facilities know patients are at end of life stages and push the therapy to reimburse the hours to their facility anyway, or that they do not have awareness that the patients are at the end stages of their lives. Either way, there is a problem. 

“There’s a possibility that nursing homes know a patient is approaching end of life, but the financial pressures are so high that they use these treatments so they can maximize revenue,” she said. Alternatively, “if it’s being driven by a failure to recognize that a resident is approaching end-of-life, then it calls for improving the skills of nursing home teams.” For more, read the story