Nursing Homes Under Same Management Fail To Provide Proper Care

A nursing home chain is being accused of filing false Medicare and Medicaid claims for patient reimbursements. Five nursing homes in the same state under the same ownership were involved in the allegations of falsification. While falsifying claims, the nursing homes also failed to provide proper care as stated in the allegations below.

The nursing homes "failed to provide the most basic and essential skilled nursing services to their residents .... The lack of adequate care at the [nursing home] facilities included chronic staffing shortages and shortages of critical medical supplies, failure to provide standard infection control, failure to administer medication to residents as prescribed by their physicians, failure to provide wound care as ordered by physicians, failure to adequately manage residents' pain, and providing unnecessary and excessive psychotropic medications to residents and using unnecessary physical restraints on residents. As a result, [nursing home] residents suffered pressure ulcers, falls, dehydration, and malnutrition, among other harms." For more, read the story