Patient Dies in Nursing Home After Facility Fails to Provide Immediate Medical Attention

A nursing home is now facing another wrongful death lawsuit. In August 2018, two patients at the nursing home died, which led to a federal fine against the facility. One patient’s family has filed suit. Unable to get the patient’s blood pressure reading or feel her pulse, the nursing home staff waited three hours before requesting an ambulance to take her to the hospital. A state report found that before the patient was taken to the medical center, she was moaning, screaming and bleating, but was given only a nonprescription pain reliever. Officials also say she may not have had water for several days before being admitted to the hospital. She died after being returned to the nursing home the same day she was admitted to the hospital. Like this patient, the second patient, who also died, lost a significant amount weight and became unresponsive.

One family said the nursing home failed to timely transfer the patient to a higher level of care as symptoms required it. The nursing home did not notify the patient’s doctor or her family of her change in condition and failed to monitor her appropriately to avoid injury. Also, the nursing home did not have adequate staff to care for the patient. Within 5 years, the nursing home has been investigated 19 times due to complaints. For more, read the story.