Patient Wanders From Facility, Freezes To Death

A lawsuit has been filed against a nursing home facility after a patient suffering from heart-attack induced dementia wandered away from the facility and froze to death. the facility failed to report the patient was missing for more than 12 hours. The patient was found dead two days later next to a dumpster. 

“This is a tragedy that could have been prevented if the facility had followed its own policies and procedures,” said the family's attorney. “The family is distraught because it was preventable.” A wrongful death lawsuit was filed for more than $25,000 identifying corporate negligence and nursing home violations. [The facility] failed to adequately supervise and care for [the patient], “allowing a man with severe dementia and a history of attempting to leave the facility to wander out the door unimpeded and then (failed) to report him missing,” the lawsuit says.For more, read the story