RN Says Registered Nurses Should Be Staffed In Nursing Homes 24/7

There is a rising debate on whether it is necessary to staff registered nurses, or RN's, in nursing facilities 24 /7, or not. One woman who serves as a registered nurse has spoken out and strongly advocates  the need for RN's to be working in nursing homes around the clock. Supporters of nursing homes staffing RN's 24/7 believe that since RN's are universally trained and specialize in many things from medications to overseeing staff, it is only for the good of the nursing home patients that they should remain staffed 24 hours a day.
Another reason supporters believe that RN's can stay in nursing homes full time is that they feel this will ensure safety and efficiency in the facilities. It is a concern to many that if nursing homes do not better their ways now then it will be a major problem for their futures in nursing homes. For more, read the story