Senate Advances Bill that would Require Conspicuous Daily Staff Reports for Nursing Homes

One state’s senate just progressed a bill that would require all nursing home facilities in this state to conspicuously report in writing the facility’s daily staffing levels. According to the proposal, publicly posting the number of staff present might incentivize facilities to employ a minimum number of staff in efforts to appear safer. The bill’s purpose is to cure or improve the extremely low ratios of current nursing home staff to residents. Statistically, higher staff could provide greater and quicker levels of care versus a facility that is understaffed.   

“This would help transparency but also…hopefully increase the quality of care and the support system that nursing homes have,” one senator in support of the bill said. “If we were to ask the nursing home administration, they would claim that they have the right amount of employees taking care of patients. However, the difference is that if you talk to someone of the residents or their family members, or if you talk to the staff – they would actually feel otherwise.” For more, read the story.