Set of Bills Circulating in One State to Decrease Use of Anti-psychotics in Nursing Home Facilities

Senior advocates in one state are working hard to ensure that the use of anti-psychotic drugs in nursing home facilities continues to decrease. The use of these drugs can have dire consequences for seniors with dementia and related disorders due to the heightened risks of falls, strokes, and other complications. Two bills circulating in this state would require the written consent of either the patient or the patient’s family before administering the anti-psychotic drugs, if passed.

According to one nursing home advocate, these drugs tend be overused when elderly patients are combative or otherwise difficult with nursing home staff. This advocate is unveiling new techniques for handling these challenges. "There are also behavior techniques that can be used to know how to anticipate some of the reactions from residents and intervene with different kinds of behavior techniques that don't require any drugs at all,” the advocate stated. For more, read the story.