Sexual Assault Prevalent in Nursing Homes

A review of nursing home cases involving sexual assault and rape were reviewed by a news syndication. The findings were startling in these cases as it was revealed that nursing homes were slow to investigate, police dismissed claims as unlikely and the state failed to flag patterns. 

Individuals assaulted experienced horrific moments at the hands of those who were supposed to protect and provide healthcare. Instead, paperwork slipped through the cracks based on employees with histories of sexual assault investigations that should have alerted administration, families and nursing home patients to the dangers. The problem is that not all nursing homes report incidents as required by state law.

"Predators find elderly patients to be easy prey. Those patients often have dementia. They can't say what happened, or are not believed because many people find it inconceivable that a 28-year-old caregiver would want to rape someone's grandmother," said one attorney who is an advocate for elder care. The primary suspects are employed by the nursing home as caregivers. The total number of victims is unknown, but the issue of occurrence is not. For more, read the story