Three-fourths of Nursing Home Facilities Nationwide are Understaffed of Registered Nurses, According to New Study

According to a new study conducted by health policy researchers, 75% of nursing home facilities nationwide are consistently understaffed of registered nurses.  In addition to that statistic, the study found that the number of readily available registered nurses was even lower on the weekends.  The study is based on an evaluation of payroll data provided directly from the nursing home facilities.  In addition to registered nurses, other types of nursing home staff, such as licensed nurses or nurse aides, were also dramatically lower on the weekends.

Health policy researchers involved with this study believe that consistently understaffed facilities should face consequences to their federal CMS star rating.  This rating is used and relied upon by families to determine what facilities may be safer for their loved ones.  “Events such as falls and medication errors might be more likely to occur during those understaffed days,” the researchers commented.  For more, read the study and this article.