Whistleblower Centers Are Recruiting Medical Doctors To Uncover Nursing Homes Overbilling For Medicare And Medicaid

A whistleblower center in one state is recruiting medical doctors to aid in the identification of nursing homes that are overbilling for Medicare and Medicaid. The center is making a plea and a monetary offer for those who may be willing to help in the investigation of fraudulent facilities receiving reimbursements beyond the amount they are due. The center identifies facilities where staffing is low and profits are high, leaving patients to suffer care and harm in the center of the fraudulent schemes.

 "We want to work exclusively with a medical doctor investor or a group of investors in [this state] to go after nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, rehab centers or acute care facilities in [this state] that are overbilling Medicare or Medicare for unnecessary medical procedures, billing for medical procedures that never happened, and for billing Medicare or Medicaid as if the facility is fully staffed with healthcare workers to meet patient minimum needs when in reality the facility is so understaffed patients are dying prematurely." For more, read the story